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Slippers on a flexible wooden sole

Health of our feet mostly depends on shoes we wear, their design and materials they are made of.

Wood is one of the best environmentally appropriate and hygienic materials for contact with foot skin. People have used wood for making shoes for ages. The following are well-known: European ‘sabo’ shoes; Arabic wooden sandals and shoes; Japanese wooden ‘gets’ sandals and many others. Their main disadvantage is hardness, inflexibility of a sole causing substantial inconvenience while walking. For all that, however, such wooden shoes are in demand for wear in hot seasons of a year specifically due to their hygienic properties.

Unique design of a flexible sole of natural wood and light shoes on its basis invented by ukrainian artificer Alexander Urusov are of great interest in this respect. Hygienic and, simultaneously, flexible wooden sole ideally fits light shoes, which are worn with convenience and health-giving effects at home, out-of-doors in the summer, on the beach, in the bath or sauna, in the swimming pool, etc.

Design of the sole ensures fine ventilation, allowing feet to respire freely. Slight tonic massage effect appears while walking due to mobility of rigid sole sections. Another advantage of such shoes is prevention from platypodia development.

These shoes, being a novelty and original, at the same time, are very practical, combining exterior appeal comfort and health-improving effect. That is the case, when beauty doesn’t require victims, it benefits your health. These are not merely stylish multifunctional shoes, they benefit health and bring a lot of pleasant feelings while walking in them. Don’t deprive yourself of such a pleasure, this successful novelty is worth paying attention. Your feet will be grateful to you!

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