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Профилактор Евминова на английском

Профилактор Евминова

Evminov Prophylactor

Evminov Prophylactor is a special orthopedic training device for training in accordance with the Evminov Method. The Evminov Prophylactor Device is a wooden panel equipped with handles at two different levels. Evminov Prophylactor Device can be installed at an angle from 8° to 90° using a wall as well as up to -25° depending on the type of exercises you will be performing. The rope fastening and elasticity of the panel provide with the user with the necessary amortization of the spinal column during the training exercises. The mobile handles move along the full length of the panel and can be fixed at the level relevant to performer’s growth. The basic equipment
of the Evminov Prophylactor Device includes a “Glissons' noose” designated for treatment and prophylaxis of cervical vertebra in the neck and upper spinal column disorders. You can use the Evminov Prophylactor Device anywhere with the mobile carriage attachment that is made of a light and strong aluminum alloy support and can move along the full length of the panel or be fixed in a single place. This allows the user to adjust the working plane of an Evminov Prophylactor Device based on the performer’s growth. Additional items, which are not included with the basic equipment of a Prophylactor, can be purchased separately:

A Prophylactor rug.
A set of small handles (4 pieces).
A set of big handles (4 pieces).
A height meter.

Prophylactor Installation

Prophylactor Installation With a Help of a Stationary Rope Fastening.
Choosing a place for Prophylactor installation:

1. A wall for fastening. A Prophylactor can be fastened to a concrete, brick or wooden wall, no less than 5cm thick; for a gypsum board wall you are requested to order a special fastening.

2. Free space. Width to the right and to the left from a panel of a Prophylactor – 0, 5 m. each side. Length (along the floor, from the wall, where a Prophylactor is fastened) from 2,25 to 2,50 m. (no less than a length the Prophylactor’s panel, plus 5 cm,)

3. Additionally. If you are planning to use Online Consulting Room services, a Prophylactor should be installed in a web-camera’s field of view and it should be fully visible on the screen both lengthways and width ways.

4. Temperature and humidity in a room. As a Prophylactor is made of wood, it should be kept in a room with a temperature range of 10° to 40°C and relative humidity no more than 60% at 25°C.

Recommendations: It is not recommended to set a Prophylactor at a balcony (even glazed), a basement, as well as in close proximity to a heater.

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